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Brainstorm in a Box: A Great Model for In-Person Group Work

OpenIDEO's brainstorming in a box could be adapted for schools and orgs as a way for teachers/faciliators to encourage social impact -- it's fun, easy, and by localizing it, people can see the realization stage in their local community.

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OpenIDEO elves created this nifty kit ( click here) for us, to facilitate the process of inspirations and concepts. Can't something like this happen at the classroom or small group level offline. Sure, we can do OpenIDEO kids online (which btw would riz-ock, and may be a forthcoming concept), but kids who can work together in groups in physical space would be pretty darn special. Being part of each phase within a cohort would be great to see how social impact starts with rough ideas, and transforms into something simple but magical – know, i know, i'm edging concepting, so I'll stop here. 

Thanks oi-elves for hooking us up with the kit. 


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I used the Brainstorm in a Box tool yesterday for the Voting Challenge and this was my first experience assembling people for a brainstorming session .. It was really a great experience of using the Brainstorm in a Box tool kit and following are my experience sharing /feedback.

Profile of the Brainstormers : (5+members)
Education : Engineers and Science graduates
Occupation : Computer Engineers and Oil & gas Engineers

- Team formation was natural
- Talking one at time was followed by the team without force
- People got comfortable slowly as they were progressing
- Sketching became a mode of communication after the 2nd brainstorming topic
- Excellent ideas came out and people started collaborating and improving on the ideas when they come with a same idea .

Feedback :
- Facilatation is extremely important to educate and drive the team
- Quoting examples is key to explain What is an idea ?
- Tool can give specific guidelines on how to faciliate /start the brain storming session
- Pictorial explanations on what is brainstorming in a box might expedite the learning process for the participants ..
- Can feel sense of achievement in people and time spent usefully is the feedback

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Looking forward to seeing the ideas you generated over on our Voting Challenge, Singaravelan!

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