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When long lines and delays spark imagination

Long lines at check-in counters in airports and flight delays cause frustration for passengers. Open Ideo can stimulate and divert passengers' attention to problem solving instead.

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Open Ideo can post current challenges near waiting areas in aiports such as check-in counters and gates. People can respond to current challenges by contributing their concepts or inspiration through their mobile phones. Open Ideo "stations" can be setup at select places in the airport where people without smart phones ( or choose to use the station) can walk up and enter in their concepts or ideas. And view other content on Open Ideo website.

What kind of social impact does this concept achieve?

This concept impacts the set of individuals who would otherwise not think of pasticipating in online Open Ideo community.

The challenges could open conversations between fellow passengers and be an enabler for exchange of ideas.

What skills are required to take this concept forward?

Good marketing and sales skills will be required - to get companies on board to fund this project.

Project management skills

Skills in Logistics and operations - getting the Open Ideo posters sent to locations and setup; Open Ideo Stations setup

Computer Networks - Computer network will be required to setup for open Ideo stations

How do you envision this concept being supported financially?

Corporate social responsibility is on the mids of most coroprations these days. Open Ideo could get sponsorship from corporations to support this project (giving an opportunity to companies to be an enabler in getting people together to solve world problems)


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Great, Deepthi! And maybe you want to link up to some of the Conepts posted about mobile apps, etc that relate to your idea. If you hit the Update button on the right of your post you could go in and add that post to your Build Upon feature. Search terms like 'mobile' & 'app' and drag anything relevant over to your Build Upon field. That way the person who wrote it will get an email notification and is likely to come and join the great conversation you've started here as well. Creativity loves company, right? :^)

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Thanks, Meena! I'll look it up.

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This is a great idea. Also another airline that I think falls under the innovative category is Southwest. Perhaps their cheerful and lively staff can add an edge to the OpenIDEO project. I can maybe even imagine a bunch of post-its and markers being provided on planes for people to doodle and just scribble on. they can probably scan it or take a picture and upload it to the challenge on the Open IDEO website.

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