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Real world meets OpenIDEO

Let's help 'challenges' happening all over the world, whether they are charities, non profits, individuals, students etc use inspiration and concepts from OpenIDEO to solve their challenges and share information.

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I was helping a friend with their MA project and I remembered so many great concepts from previous OpenIDEO challenges that would help so I suggested he signed up and checked them out.  There are often concepts that can be adapted or simple inspire solutions for other challenges.

Inspired the Palo Alto team concept 'You need... I have', this platform could build on all the other ideas to do with opening up the platform and expanding it across different communities.

It would be great to either create a NING platform which anyone who isn't an OpenIDEATOR can join and post their challenges or can search through past concepts. 

I feel that there are still a large number of people not involved in the platform because they feel they aren't creative, a designer, an innovator etc when they could actually really benefit from simply reading instead of posting.

What kind of social impact does this concept achieve?

It could have global impact if it was marketed correctly and enough people found out about it. I do believe that a large number of people could benefit from it and potentially more challenges could be opened up if people saw the benefit.

What skills are required to take this concept forward?

either a secondary platform is required or an area where people can post their problems is needed.

Virtual Team:

IDEO Palo Alto - You need...I have Vincent Cheng - Inspiring Aspiring Sarah Fathallah - OpenREALISATION Avi Solomon - Open Source Platform Sina Mossayeb - OpenResources: Empowering the Community to Share More


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Hi Louise, I like this concept. It is grounded on a similar premise that many of the concepts posted for one challenge might be inspiring for another. I think it is somewhat related to a concept I proposed ( but it is extending it to a broader community, which is great.

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