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How can we best use OpenIDEOer's skills and expertise? Everyone at OpenIDEO has different skill sets and expertise. Let's make this searchable and encourage collaboration by helping each other. Maybe users can ask other users for help on certain topics or skills? Maybe users can tell other users what they are good at.

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Skills and expertise search for OpenIDEO users.

Share skills and expertise. Perhaps users can ask for help from other users. Expert users could mentor interested users.

Based on "What's your talent?" concept by Russell Jelinek, perhaps users can tag others or tag themselves with skills and expertise.

Other Notes-
Everyone at OpenIDEO have a range of different skills - but they might not necessarily know what they are good at. Could we give the users power to tell other people what they are good at? Other users could suggest skills and expertise to the other user.

What kind of social impact does this concept achieve?

"OpenIDEO Geolocator" concept by Anne Kjaer Riechert is inspiring. OpenIDEO skills could integrate geolocation. It could be interesting if one wanted to find a prototyping expert in their local community or city. Vice versa, I think having skills in the "OpenIDEO Geolocator is also an interesting idea. "OpenIDEO Matchmaking Night!" concept by Chloe Tseung is also inspiring. Could this concept suggest matchmaking people before a matchmaking night based on locations and their skills and expertise?

What skills are required to take this concept forward?

Web Developing but also community managers to watch over users as they develop and suggest skills. Maybe they could even verify matchmaking results and organise meet ups to ensure a human touch for an online design community.

How do you envision this concept being supported financially?

I would think that the concept could be low cost. Benefits could come from the matchmaking event, where perhaps speakers could give talks and a small fee or donation would be given. This could also be streamed online and people could donate. There is value in getting people to help each other and teach others, but I am not sure how directly this could be supported financially.

Virtual Team:

Taken inspiration from the great concepts of Juan Cajiao, Anne Kjaer Riechert and Chloe Tseung.


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Since I'm a bit of a generalist, I am rather skeptical towards talents or skills ideas, but this one I like. Also like the way you connect the dots to other concepts! Applause.

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I'm a generalist too (or cross-pollinator as I like to call myself ;^) But that could be a listed category, right? I'm often seeking generalists when I'm co-ordinating project teams offline.

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i like where this is going. that is, it is aimed at connecting do-gooders who are occupied with idea generation to work together. i think that if a "practical" partnership sharing complementary skills/talents/interests, magical things can happen. i wonder how we can build a "social" network that is built around action/activity; it would seem such a link would be potentially conductive to outcome.

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