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OpenIDEO Matchmaking Night!

Take the winning concepts to realization. OpenIDEO Matchmaking Night is where action begins! After the announcement of winning concepts of a challenge, the OpenIDEO Matchmaking Night will serve as an kick-off even to the realization phase. This can be organized locally in various cities by OpenIDEO Local Chapter ( / OpenIDEO Ambassadors ( / Challenge sponsors, etc. The event can start off with a "Pecha Kucha" style 3min presentation of the winning concepts by OpenIDEO Ambassadors, with an audience of individuals / entrepreneurs and potential sponsors, they could then sign up to interested concepts, or go over and mingle in a music and fun-filled environment! With a pool of interested sponsors and individuals around the globe in different cities signed up, something magical is bound to happen evolving around specific winning concepts. Let the matchmaking begins!

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- Introduce OpenIDEO to wider population in various local cities
- Provide opportunities for OpenIDEATORS to connect in person ( OpenIDEO Geolocator will come in really handy here!)
- Raise interest / awareness to potential financial sponsors to provide funding to implementation of the concepts.
- Match-make interested individuals / social entrepreneurs to concepts - individuals can sign up to be the project team member to implement a concept that he/she feels strongly about and has the required skill set to make it happen ( What’s you talent? can be applied virtually or physically at the event).
- Match-make interested sponsoring organization to concepts
- A great precursor to OpenIDEO Day and / or Community Realization

- Using the format of PechaKucha, present each winning concepts withing 3 min to the audience in a casual setting with drinks and snacks
- Invite potential financial sponsors, aspiring social entrepreneurs, and any interested individuals
- Volunteers to sign up for project team to implement concepts according to their interest and skill sets
- Sponsoring organizations to pledge to financially suport the project team to implement concept(s) they support
- A fun social event to meet people!

Next Steps
- OpenIDEO Ambassadors to follow up with interested sponsoring organizations
- OpenIDEO Ambassadors to kick start project teams to start the implementation phase

Similar events can be also organized in universities and education institutions which would be a perfect introduction and promoting tool to attract students to sign for INTERNSHIP for IMPACT

What kind of social impact does this concept achieve?

This will make big impact to community and potentially globally it become successful in many cities and set the foundation for OpenIDEO day and many other great initiatives to make the concept a realization.

What skills are required to take this concept forward?

It requires different talents to work together to make this happen.

How do you envision this concept being supported financially?

Initial fund maybe required to organize the event. The fund can be crowd-sourced or sponsored by the challenge sponsor.

Virtual Team:

Arjan Tupan - OpenIDEO Day - Russell Jelinek - Community Realization - Chris F - INTERNSHIP for IMPACT: community-sponsored talent fully-dedicated to execution! - Vincent Cheung - Inspiring Aspiring Social Entrepreneurs - Vincent Cheung - Taking Realization Phase to the Next Level - Russell Jelinek - What's your talent? - Anjelika Deogirikar - Local OpenIDEO Chapters -


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It would be great to have online Matchmaking for cross-sector institutional involvement as well...connecting government, NGO/NFPs, corporations, investors...

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Matchmaking night sounds like a great idea to connect all the individuals and projects towards a centered goal. As Erica mentioned, I also believe there is a greater need for online matchmaking between sectors and institutions.
There are so many interesting projects and people willing to help but also, so many websites and options. Is there such thing as a "one and only" online matchmaking between all non profits and the ones who would like to help? Is that even possible?

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