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OpenIDEO link when downloading open source material (like the IDEO HCD toolkit)

I for one am somebody who has benefited hugely from IDEO's HCD Toolkit. When I use it in my work I freely admit to feeling a twinge of conscience that I am using it not only for free, but not necessarily in the manner that it was intended for - I am a corporate innovator!

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Starting to contribute to OpenIDEO is a small way for me to pay back the benefits I have received from the HCD Toolkit.

So the idea is to ensure that there is a link into OpenIDEO on the web where the Toolkit is downloaded from, and to suggest that those downloading might like to take a look and to contribute their thoughts and ideas.

The picture I included here is that area on the IDEO website, and although Open IDEO appears currently in the header/menu (the red boxes I have added!) it is too subtle, plus the page is (to be frank) very about more of an upfront approach with a BIG BUTTON in the middle of the page.

Nothing wrong with laying a small guilt trip now and again!

What kind of social impact does this concept achieve?

Impossible to say until we try it. Who is using the HCD Toolkit and feels like "paying it forward?"

What skills are required to take this concept forward?

Easy to do, only requires a change to the IDEO HCD Toolkit web presence

How do you envision this concept being supported financially?

Should be close to zero cost

Virtual Team:

This idea was inspired by my reading an idea from Colab Cadre who proposes creating an Open IDEO Social Impact Toolkit


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Great idea Mike!
Perhaps a second link in the navigation list as well.
Would like to see a reverse link too, perhaps a resources tab in the navigation bar of OpenIDEO pages listing this and other developed resources such as the proposed Social Impact Toolkit.

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