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OpenIDEO Hack Day - Prototyping ideas into reality

I'm hugely inspired by hackdays, where developers and designers get together to realise great ideas. Could we run OpenIDEO Hack Days as part of a challenge to refine ideas and test out how they might work in the real world?

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Hack Days are events where designers and developers get together to prototype and realise great ideas. The focus is all about making and this means developing ideas as much as possible through creating the website, the app or going out into the streets and filming the service.

Could the OpenIDEO process use Hack Days as part of the challenge to refine ideas and test them out? The end result might not be a finished product, but might be a working piece of software you could use to test out with users... or a new product in its own right inspired by an original concept from the platform.

What do you think about running Hack Days in the refine phase of a challenge to test out ideas? 

What kind of social impact does this concept achieve?

Many steps closer to realisation. I see lots of past concepts that I would love to find time and create a hacked prototype to rally support around.

What skills are required to take this concept forward?

Organisation and volunteers.

How do you envision this concept being supported financially?

As part of our challenge process or from donations by local businesses: space, pizza, drinks, software, hardware, materials.

Virtual Team:

Christine Hendrickson, Ashley Jablow, Arjan Tupan


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Haiyan, I love this idea and believe that if we were to take forward only one concept out of the #oi_impact challenge then it should be based on this. Have been part of quite a few of these types of events in the last two years (incl. SI Camp, Global Service Jam and rapid prototyping woskshops) and while the process hasn't been perfected yet, it's certainly on the right path. It's an engaging, fun way for people to collaborate and cocreate for something good. :)

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Hi David, thanks! Would love to get your insights on these hack/jam day events when we get to planning one. Perhaps it could also be a globally distributed effort if volunteers are willing to run one in say... Australia :)

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I think this would be great... The global service jam is also globally distributed. I think it would be worth making a call to volunteer. looking forward to it!

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