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OpenIDEO Day

A designated day (maybe even 2 or more per year) where all over the world people are encouraged to realize some of the concepts of (recently) completed challenges.

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On OpenIDEO day people can organize workshops to create solutions. To kick-off realization of ideas. To really make social impact happen.

The OpenIDEO day event organizers will be supported by a toolkit, including the brain-storm-in-a-box, but also guidance in how to set up an event, facilitate a workshop, find sponsors maybe. Similar to the help TEDx organizers can get.

To limit the workload for the OpenIDEO team, it might be good to have local OpenIDEO ambassadors that can serve as hands-on help. An ambassador of course can herself be an event organizer.

In the toolkit is also place for some example concepts that could be considered for realization. These could be winning concepts that the challenge sponsor does not want to implement; or concepts that have just not made the final 10 or 20.

The OpenIDEO Day is supported by a website quite similar to the Twestival website, meaning that it contains information for organizers (maybe after a special log-in), but also on where and when exactly events take place. Obviously, shown on a map.

What kind of social impact does this concept achieve?

The impact from this concept depends on the challenges on OpenIDEO. But taking the concepts from the challenges is a great start.

What skills are required to take this concept forward?

Organization skills are required for the organizers. And some workshop facilitation skills. Then, for both the organizers and the participants it takes the skill to realize the concepts and really make some impact.

How do you envision this concept being supported financially?

Initially, keeping it small, there is no need for big financial support. Event-wise, per locality, sponsors can be a way to finance the events. As for the realization of a concept, part of it should be focused on a viable businessplan.


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Now I have a better understanding that realisation/implementation of some challenges and/or concepts is often ongoing (rather than complete) I whole-heartedly support this concept. It fits well with several other concepts and could result in refinements to any concept (winning or otherwise) that can subsequently be shared in the wider community. I particularly like the notion of breathing new life into concepts not selected for evaluation.

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