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OpenIDEO Collaboratories

At OpenIDEO Collaboratories we: 1 come together socialise & collaborate on OpenIDEO concepts 2 dev skills & knowledge to be more effective social innovators & entrepreneurs 3 dev collaborative partnerships 4 collectively address issues that matter

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The OpenIDEO Collaboratory is modelled on the Collaboratory Melbourne currently being prototyped in Melbourne, Australia.

The big picture vision for the Collaboratory is to create a platform for participatory collective action on the issues that matter most through social enterprise and social innovation. It was inspired in part by the OpenIDEO platfrom.

Initially, the OpenIDEO Collaboratory: 
  • could partner with the global Hub Network and set up in a few key cities or towns globally - say Melbourne, San Francisco, London and Madrid
  • would use the platform to bring together like minded community members keen to make their home town a better place for monthly meetups to inspire and grow awareness about what's possible in tackling today's wicked problems and develop concepts
  • annually would host a program developed and delivered by OpenIDEO/IDEO staff on process to develop concepts
  • would host monthly skillshares to develop skills needed for a successful social/community enterprise and bring together people outside the core project team
  • would have ambassadors/stewards to build relationships with key stakeholders in the community and partnerships with local government and socially oriented businesses
  • come together weekly for the core team to work on projects submitted
  • run quarterly weekend events – similar to Global Service Jams or IDEO Make-a-thons - to collaboratively work together on concepts that are submitted.

What kind of social impact does this concept achieve?

The Collaboratory works as an incubator for the development of initiatives with positive social impact, and networks of communities doing social good. Concepts are developed through processes with dedicated teams, and are given exposure across multiple channels with partners organisations. Participants are also given the opportunity to learn or develop skills and knowledge. It helps build the community and a network of active citizens who can support each other locally and globally to be the change they wish to see in the world. The Collaboratory model, takes simple and powerful ideas generated by the global OpenIDEO community, and transforms them in to real world action - anywhere in the world. The idea is for the model to be replicable and scalable - we are starting in Melbourne, next could be your home town. :)

What skills are required to take this concept forward?

Organising people Communications Fundraising/philanthropy Relationship managment (with key partners/stakeholders) Factilitation

How do you envision this concept being supported financially?

Meetups & Skillshare The cost of meetups and skillshares is covered by participants (around $20). Guest speakers, workshop leaders and facilitators give their time for free. These events are highly valued for networking and support amongst the group of talented, passionate change-makers, and volunteers for skill-sharing, hosting and other admin tasks have proved easy to maintain. Implementation of Projects for Social Change The cost for implementation of elected projects would be borne by the associated organisation, group, funder or grant depending on the issue being worked on. The Collaboratory core team and the wider social group would be central to resourcing funded projects, or crowd-sourcing funders for particularly exciting and engaging projects.


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We could probably think of some viral campaigns that could get the whole world excited. There should be some sort of reward for it as well. Imagine the ad from the Australian Tourism Board where they were advertising for the best job in the world -

Probably, with the help of some sponsors, we could create a best idea of the world contest with a huge prize of $50,000 or $100,000. We could feature the advertiser's logos prominently on the video. This way, everybody gets to win and I could see the viral effect when the rewards are there.

Imagine the number of people with awesome ideas but could not even get to present their ideas to Shark Tank, Dragon's Den or the VCs because it hasn't got any revenue stream yet. Sometimes, it's the matter that counts and with this contest, we'll be able to spot the true gems of ideas that could ultimately change the world.

As Mohatma Gandhi once said, "We must be the change we want to see in the world."

Edmund Ng

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