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OpenIDEO Badges

Incorporate virtual gaming "incentives" to increase participation in the OpenIDEO Community.

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See how you stack up against fellow OpenIDEATORs by collecting badges / pins for participation in challenges, amount of engagement in the community, and contributions for specific topics.

This would translate points into badges / stamps / pins.

For example:
For setting up a profile page: you would get an "OpenIDEATOR" pin
For being a leader in a local chapter: you would get a "OpenAMBASSADOR" pin
For attending a Tweetup: you would get a "OpenIDEOSF" pin
For your first contribution of a concept or inspiration (for example in the Bone Marrow challenge: you could get a "red cross"-style pin
For every 3 contributions within one challenge: you would "move up a level" and get the next style pin
For every 5 applauses or comments to posts: you could get a "thumbs up" pin to acknowledge your participation to the community at large

What kind of social impact does this concept achieve?

This would incorporate the gaming concepts from Foursquare and Gowalla. I particularly like Gowalla's Passport concept - where you collect stamps for where you go, and pins too. By incorporating this in the OpenIDEATOR Community Network recommended profile page updates, you could then compare your participation with others in the community.

What skills are required to take this concept forward?

Developers to update the website interface. This could also be applied to the mobile / app version too.

How do you envision this concept being supported financially?

This should be supported within's OpenIDEO's budget to enhance current website interface. (Maybe there could be a partnership with a company like Gowalla to make this happen.)


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Photo of anjelika deogirikar

Meena Kadri I'm so happy to see that this is happening!! (Also that the OpenIDEO chapters has really kicked-off too!) I love see that the OpenIDEO community keeps growing and getting stronger!

Photo of Meena Kadri

Not sure if you caught this but OpenIDEO started experimenting with this late last year: Thanks for planting the seed!

Photo of Paul Reader

I like this idea Anjelika.
To some extent I see it as an incentive to contribute in particular ways and for those with a competitive nature adds the 'edge' that may spur them on.
We need a range of motivators to suit our various personalities.

Photo of James McBennett

It can be intimidating to see large DQ scores that can make people less likely to participate in the community. I think the score should be capped as a 500+ or 1000+ user without publicly displaying the amount.

Badges could create a very good reward system.

Photo of Sarah Fathallah

I love this concept Anjelika! Would be great to see this happen :)

Photo of Meena Kadri

Looking forward to further suggestions of what badges might be included from other OpenIDEATORS. Winning conceptors seem to deserve a badge but I'm particularly keen on celebrating folks like this: with a Making Impact badge for who are getting out there and making things happen. Could there also be 'trophies' which you only keep for a month, then get passed on? What else? Knock yourselves out! We're listening...