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OpenIDEO: An Annual Anthology

Publish annual anthology (print and/or virtual) of winning concepts and the process behind them. Includes introductory chapter exampling the different steps. Would be visual and edited with annotation. The point of this is to share the ideas and realization that come out of the challenges to a wider audience for learning purposes.

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An annual anthology of various concepts (perhaps winning and other popular ones) with annotated commentary about how the process evolved and how the winning concepts were realized. 

PURPOSE: The purpose of this would be for sharing the creative learning of those who give their time to share ideas to challenges. This would allow others who are not part of the Open IDEO community (but also us) to reflect on some really innovative solutions to tough problems. This would allow someone who is specialized in one of the challenge themes to get a fresh take, or perhaps reconsider an old solution that was not timely in the past, but is relevant today. 

REACH through TRANSLATION: Because it is more refined in scope and breadth, it could be translated into different languages, starting with those where some of the issues target (e.g., Spanish for the Gramean challenge). 

It could promote participation because it would be a de facto advertisement. It could also be used in universities (in classes), among organizations, and public libraries everywhere.

What kind of social impact does this concept achieve?

This can have a global impact of learning. The content alone is valuable to those working on these challenges on a daily basis in their organizations or own initiatives.

The learning that comes not only from the challenge question and brief, but the creative solutions (whether they are winning concepts or not) is really a treasure (some more than others). Also including commentary about how some solutions were implemented would illustrate how creative ideas can be both simple and complex--on an individual or large scale.

What skills are required to take this concept forward?

Writing, compiling, and editing (and potentially translation)
For online: basic web skills if we want it simple

How do you envision this concept being supported financially?

You could have a free version online or use subscription based fees; BUT you could sell it as a printed book (to individuals and libraries).

Virtual Team:

Anyone interested.


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This is a great idea Sina! I'd love to be involved in putting something like this together. You've got around 17,000 people on here who'd be interested in buying a copy, that's for sure.

This works in with/extends the OpenIDEO storybook and OpenIDEO Journalist concepts too:

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That's Ben's way of letting you know he wants the to be part of the journalistic team and editorial team on both of those so would love to part of this as well ;^) And duly so: he did a fab job of covering the Local Food workshops in Brisbane for local design media and is gifted writer and collaborator.

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