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OpenIDEATOR "Facebook"

Create an easy way to identify and "follow" OpenIDEATORs.

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Increase functionality in the OpenIDEO community to enable more connections between OpenIDEATORs themselves.

Please refer to OpenIDEATOR Profile Page image I posted which includes some of the functionality features, such as:
  • "Follow" OpenIDEATORs profile pages
  • Ability to track when OpenIDEATORs have contributed to a challenge or posted comments
  • Create "networks" (ie, San Francisco, Palo Alto, New York, London, etc.) to make it easier to search for people in their community. This could be similar to the Acumen Fund's local chapter community pages created on Ning.

What kind of social impact does this concept achieve?

Building on the existing OpenIDEO platform, this would facilitate engagement between OpenIDEATORs, in addition to continuing to highlight and foster innovation within the challenges. This would address two opportunities: 1) increasing connections between OpenIDEATORs, and 2) making it easier to identify people in local community networks to connect with offline.

What skills are required to take this concept forward?

Developers to update the community platform, or creation of a Ning-type community.

How do you envision this concept being supported financially?

I would envision that this would be within's OpenIDEO's budget to enhance current website interface.


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Maybe an additional info to include in the profile could be the spoken languages? (could be useful in case there's a volunteer-based translation project to do...)

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