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WHY NOT Grab all used Cardboard boxes, Thrown or used Pencils or Pens and Make instillations to collect 1000s of idea from all those People waiting in Ques at various places.

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Thousands of People in the city are found waiting, either for their Turn for buying Movie Tickets, or in Banks, on Bus stops, in Restaurants waiting Que.. in canteen, in mess etc etc. What if Drop Box installations are put up on all these places. with a writing pad , pen/ pencils and a poster is attached to it explaining the current Challenge Brief with Defined Inspiration and Conceptualize phase running. Where people standing in Ques can participate in it. They can read the the challenge, little brief on how inspirations and conceptualizing is done, with one or two examples along.

Materials to be used in instilations:
CARDBOARD BOXES: one time used , waste boxes. can be used in installing at various places on which a poster can be attached describing the challenge bried and all required text.

PENS/ PENCILS: Sometime by mistake people forget their pens and pencils in public places which can be collected and put near istilations. Short, unsharpened, thrown pencils can be collected too.

PAPER: Recycled paper, Remainging sheets from used note books or writing pads, or one side used papers can be collected and pilled for writring the ideas

This way people can grab paper and pen from near by instilation and contribute by giving Suggestions, Ideations, Concepting, Writing down their know inspirations, Doodling , Mind mapping etc and finally folding these papers and putting down in Boxes.
This can even lead to discussions among people standing in the Ques.

What kind of social impact does this concept achieve?

This can get a global social impact, as through this concept we can collect mass population together to contribute their views, their idea and who know people themselves start appling their own ideas in real world too.

What skills are required to take this concept forward?

As it wont be digitall so no speciall skills will be required. Openideators will have to take charge of installing these boxes, and then collectin all the ideas from the boxes weekly and sending them to OPEN IDEO OFFICE.

How do you envision this concept being supported financially?

As far as i can guess, Finance will be only required in printing posters, rest all waste materials are used. Yup, Big companies, institutions can help OPEN IDEO by providing all waste papers, boxes and stationary generation at their place, which cud be a great help in reuse.


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