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Leave balloons where social innovation is lacking in you're city + Meet-up

How many amazing ideas & concepts get thrown away or feel like they don't get enough attention? Be it after they are published on this platform, or when you are walking down the street and see something that you really want to change, but you never did anything about it? Well, this concept offers the opportunity to recycle past concepts and eventually, turn them into reality with the help of your community.

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This concept is all about creating dialogue around old and new existing OpenIDEO concepts, and implementing them in the physical world, while generating awareness of the concepts/problems to the local public.

  1. Let's say every month there is an OpenIDEO meet-up in many of the big cities around the world, made possible by the Travel Guide for Social Innovation for example. (Concept by Anne Kaer Riechert) This would be led by the OpenIDEO Ambassador (concept by Chloe Tseung ) assigned to lead the OpenIDEO team in that city. 
  2. Towards the end of the month, a user of the platform based in the city hosting a meet-up, would choose one concept to discuss at the meet up. This could be a concept they think hasn't got the deserved attention on here. More than one person can chose the same concept.
  3. The Ambassadors then inform the OpenIDEOr's of the challenge: Find a place in you're city where you feel your chosen concept could be implemented, or adapted to solve a problem in a particular establishment, street, or school. Buy some rubber balloon and write a comprehensive title/explanation of you're concept on it. Attach the balloon with string at the location you found that could benefit from some new improvements, be it functional or design-wise relating to the concept. 
  4. Take a picture from your smartphone or camera of the balloon at the location you placed it.
  5. Meet-up with the OpenIDEOr's back at a location where everyone can share their story of where and why they placed their balloon where they did. The picture they took could be used to post on Twitter, with the hashtag for the meet-up in that particular city, and for future references of where social innovation is in dire need. This physical meet up after the balloon placements is where  each member would discuss and bounce off concepts that could improve their own city, and maybe even start to allocate teams for turning the 'problematic' balloon locations into innovations.

Hopefully over time people in the city would notice these balloons stuck around weird posts or doors or government staircases, creating some kind of pacific hype around the particular social problem that needs tackling in that location. 

What kind of social impact does this concept achieve?

1- The impact ranges from creating a friendly environment within your current OpenIDEOr's in your city also wanting to turn concepts into reality in their community. 2- Impact also comes in the form of going out into the physical environment and observing and investigating where social innovation can be implemented with OpenIDEOr's concepts. 3- It also brings the local community's attention to specific problems in their city harnessing a collective and global impact in the city you might love and live in.

What skills are required to take this concept forward?

Knowing a city well, and being a good observer of where social innovation can be implement in your environment. Create Open IDEO Ambassadors and a Travel Guide for Social Innovation. Once we know that there is a city with a big number of members from this platform, this meet up could be organized.

How do you envision this concept being supported financially?

Be each OpenIDEO'r contributing with what will be needed for the physical meet up. For the development of the Travel Guide for Social Innovation, developers would be needed of course, but would be nice to have it as a free service on this platform, as Anne Kaer Riechert suggests too.


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This is great idea! It is an opportunity to share and invite other use or support ideas/projects in OpenIdeo.

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