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Funding realisation opportunities

This is a common concept co-created by Sina Mossayeb and I. Imagine if OpenIDEO worked with its community to take winning concepts and realize them by fundraising some of the community's favorite concepts. There are models of crowd fundraising, where people financially back ideas they want to see realized

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Funding platforms like KickStarter or Start Some Good could be used to fund some winning and not winning concepts that the community really liked.  The added value is not only to be able to pledge for money for their realization, but also to give even greater exposure to some of these awesome ideas and bounce off of the feedback of other great communities.

The users themselves can help realize these in a collaborative effort facilitated by OpenIDEO as the trusted brand behind collecting the funds.
But what if OpenIDEO took a step further and partnered with one of these funding platforms?

Should the partnership be strictly bilateral between OpenIDEO and the funding platform? Or should any OpenIDEATOR be able to take on a concept, build a business case around it and share it on the funding platform? (If yes, with or without mandatory mention of the original OpenIDEO challenge?)

Virtual Team:

Sina Mossayeb, Rupa Naipaul


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Is there a possibility of building such a feature into OpenIDEO? How do these websites/programs get funded themselves? (wish I knew more!)

Could OpenIDEO co-ordinate the ventures on Start Some Good?

This is a great one to think about. There should definitely be some brainstorming in boxes on this one don't you think?

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It's a crowdfunding model (so basically... everybody can participate into funding a project). You commit with you credit card, but you only get billed if the project reaches their total funding goals.

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