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Equities R US - The openIDEO High School Way

I would like to entice a live Anthropology exercise for the subjects (students in this case) and the feeders (openIDEATORS and respective communities). “The world of education is like an island where people, cut off from the world, are prepared for life by exclusion from it” (Maria Montessori early childhood education pioneer). I foresee openIDEO breaking this silo, when students and openIDEO are brought together.

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Students will participate with teachers and decision makers, or be the ones, crafting solutions to new and recurrent social challenges. They will have direct impact with action in their own communities/habitat. For instance and immediate relevant, they could co-author guidelines (faculty-facilitated rather than faculty-led) to improve curriculums resulting in gaining insight to translate it into a language the students understand (Creating Empathy).

Students’ introduction to openIDEO is not an interdisciplinary subject-oriented learning approach. Instead, academic subjects are already included in the curriculum, and openIDEO complements the learning with real, hands-on experience:

Deriving from my own background, many High Schools’ specializations include:

- Math & Science

- Biology & Chemistry

- Liberal Arts

1) Challenges will be crafted according to the class level: (freshmen/sophomore), junior, senior and always address the sustainable needs of regional societies. Simple put, complemented by actionable changes, make this planet a better place for the next and existing generations.

As Jennifer Davis states: “As a former high school biology teacher, I would have loved to use the platform to engage my students in thinking critically about environmental issues, biotechnology, bioethics, and so on.” I propose an actionable realization that is transparent and beneficial to the entire community, and not simply a mere classroom exercise. And complemented by Lynn Wysolmierski-Abelson’s inspirations: “How can everyone participate?”. The answer: have scholars’ participate at an early age, and get them engaged in a buddy system as Chloe Tseung defined it: openIDEO Buddy.

2) To diversify openIDEO in High Schools, simply implement exchange-challenges (a la exchange-student) with other schools in other countries:

  • Have students remove the rules that constraint the solutions for challenges, and witness what new solutions emerge. Acting boldly, with caution
  • Imagine you are the user, the object of discussion…. How can you improve the user experience, make the object being designed better targeting a specific user’s needs, make the experience more fun, and attractive?

I decided to write about a specific concept rather than a model that fits-all types, because of:

  • Shared cultural values and assumptions of a specific group of people
  • Perceived personal values, attitudes and behaviors

That is Culture. I aim to capture it and influence each regional realization. Culture, is the Software of the Mind, and it provides:

  • A sense of identity, belongingness, pride and safety
  • Efficiency, predictability and transition

That is my concept that could be embraced to trial as a model for others to form their own or complement. A model w/o cultural influence does not internalize the values of the users, therefore, innovation is not achieved.

What kind of social impact does this concept achieve?

* openIDEO gains a new generation, scholars, every academic year completion and an untapped segment of the population becomes an active player. First led then facilitated to chant their voice: formulating their own inspirations, concepts, evaluations and REALIZATIONS * openIDEO, high school graduates will pass on the experiences and practical knowledge (eventual wisdom) to the next generation, freshman class * openIDEO’s social impact is demonstrated in the community itself, through the scholars themselves

What skills are required to take this concept forward?

Leadership, which is thinking and acting on behalf of the group, and Not the individual’s performance IT infrastructure is in place, such as OpenCourseWare, distance learning

How do you envision this concept being supported financially?

What: I read an initiative of $ 1.00 per tweet (in the lines of). How: local businesses with tweeter presence and affinity for this concept will sign up. Sports teams in the city, football (or soccer), basketball, and baseball for instance, for every goal/point scored, a handsome commercial bonus is committed to this initiative. Team’s management and players (profe$$ionals) have signed up to this concept. A Social-Investment Fund (Equities R US): Like a share of stock, only it’s stock is Us, and the future is our careers. Simply put, a firm that pays a student’s current tuition (partial) in exchange for a percentage of future earnings (until dues are covered). And that will realize openIDEO’s road trip as per Sally Madsen, and paid Internships per Chris Flink in any IDEO locations.

Virtual Team:

openIDEATORS and openIDEO community


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Yes - its my understanding that there are schools in California which are moving to teaching the foundations using distance learning (such as Kahn Academy see: so that they can do more of this when they have the students together in the classroom. The future of education seems poised to be much more integrated and self-directed.

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hi Stuart, Technology (distance learning) facilitates as Salman Khan explained humanizing learning hands-on over classic class lecturing. This is a working link

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