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Community-Endorsed Challenges

The title is pretty self-explanatory. What if we opened the possibility for OpenIDEATORS to submit their own challenges?

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Just a last minute concept to bounce off of your ideas: What if we had a system to suggest challenges via OpenIDEO? I'm sure many of us from our professional paths or with the school / hospital next door have ideas of potential challenges.

Challenges have to be endorsed by x (number TBD) OpenIDEATORS to be taken into consideration for example.


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Really like this idea!
As I am nebie I dont know the full process but seems to me maybe could be 3 or 4 steps - potential challenges submitted; community votes (like applause - one vote per member); suggestions that reach quotient become available for sponsors to adopt - any that are adopted go into IDEO queue for release as full challenge. IDEO able to fast track any suggestions that meet their usual criteria to become challenges.
(LOL - I think I wrote a better comment before but my connection crashed)

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