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Next sunday afternoon is "workshop day" at Openideo CoffeeShop, 15h00 20/08/2011 @ Lisbon, Portugal. Local Challenge: "Social awerness in downtown" Global Chalange: "How might we increase social impact with OpenIDEO over the next year? Join us with your friends and remember, part of your consumption will finance the projects!! (simulated e.g.)

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Create a chain of coffee houses around this openideo concept.
With this, we all could have a nice and relax place to meet with other members or simply drink a coffee with some friends.
The point is to create a place for everyone, that can passes the message and can raise funds for the projects.
Imagine achieve a Starbucks success.

What kind of social impact does this concept achieve?

The real impact of this chain of coffee houses (or something like that) is that in this format maybe it is possible to achieve a global and local system at the same time. e.g. In every country we can have a regional challange and still participate in the global challange. The space could be located in city centers, is like a normal coffe house, open to everyone, but with a focus, spreading the message, the work that has been donne. More and more people can be involved in this philosophy. Maybe we get a chain reaction. If this coffeehouses turn a success maybe generate a good amount for implementation phase.

What skills are required to take this concept forward?

The same to built a chain like starbucks, or MacDonnalds. Could be in this kind of format or similar. the idea is a franchising where people can relax and enjoy the environment.

How do you envision this concept being supported financially?

This ideia only need a start investment, but is a business model that is autofinanced. The profits are gathered in a fund to finance the best part of the process: Implementation. or Can happen with a partnership.

Virtual Team:

All openIdeo joiners. Sorry if this idea doesn´t excites you.


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