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"If your concept is selected for realization would you like to be involved in making it happen?"

This is a question that could be asked of everybody who publishes a Concept. That would mean that straight-away the openIDEO team would know whether the contributor is putting themselves forward to help.

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The question could simply be another boy in the Concepting form, but perhaps instead of a free text area it could be a drop-down menu.

i.e. you have to select from "yes", "no" or "maybe"

What kind of social impact does this concept achieve?

Within the social network of openIDEOers this could be a way not just to increase social impact but also for people to support their own ideas. However it could also create negative behaviors: - some people are always going to say "yes" - some people are always going to say "no", they just want to ideate and that doesn't make their concepts any less valuable Therefore i would recommend to maximise social impact that this field should be visible only to openIDEO administrators, as it is really only relevant once the challenge reaches a realisation stage.

What skills are required to take this concept forward?

The ability to change the openIDEO concepting form

How do you envision this concept being supported financially?

Should be very low cost to whoever builds/maintains the website!


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Photo of Eva

Its a nice motivational stuff , Thanks for share,
i love social media

Photo of Meena Kadri

You really are the king of simple yet strong ideas, aren't you? ;^)

Photo of Mike Hatrick

LOL! That was your "small act of goodness for the day" Meena - you just made me feel good as I start work here. True, I do like simplicity, and if you feel the ideas are strong then I'm very glad!

Photo of Jennifer Davis

I agree it's simple and strong, but I'm wondering how this would be leveraged to get the most effect. Is it simply to let admin know if they can rely on the conceptor to pitch in at the end? Or is it somehow changing the way people participate? I'd be afraid to create a culture that implies that you shouldn't add a concept unless you're willing to back it up. Perhaps we could have a "I'm in" button that functions like the "Applause" button, but that people press if/when they want to pitch in the realization phase.

Photo of Meena Kadri

That's the great things about simple & strong ideas, Jennifer – they are ripe for brilliant builds like yours ;^) Hopefully others will join the conversation so this seed of an idea can grow.

Photo of Mike Hatrick

Jennifer - I understand your caution about building the wrong behaviours. The origin of my idea is that I routinely include a question like this in the challenges I have run in corporate crowdsourcing.

Quite often I was left at the end of a challenge with some ideas that looked strong but it was difficult to see how to 'actuate' them, particularly if they didn't fall under the scope of the challenge sponsor.

In those cases it has been extremely useful to notice while scanning down the idea form that the person who proposed the idea was also interested in implementing it. After that my job is typically to 'give them permission' and team them up with some people who can help.

For the record, well over 50% of people say 'yes' they would like to be involved.