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thoughts about blood banks

Some thought about blood banks which seems to be the easiest way to donate something of one to somebody else,

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In Sweden you get food and presents after you've given blood, it takes you 30 minutes at the top, so why are there so few people donating blood?

There are so many good things about blood donations but still not enough people do it. This seems to me to be the easiest way to donate something, your blood is quite accessable, so let's start here. If people won't take 30 minutes of their day every other month, how should we try to encourage them to donate something else?!

 To donate blood has to be one of the easiest way to help another person. Besides the thought that you in an emergency situation might need blood (therefore you should help others) there should be enough reasons to make something useful of your time. The biggest reason is that is actually makes a difference. Isn't it really cool that you can save somebodies life?! YOU, just You, could actually do that.

In my education/culture/tradition there is a bit talk about blood banks and also talk regarding the fact that everybody should go. I think talking needs to be put into action. I know you cant make people do things, but maybe you could make people understand more or educated them more. I have a hard time believing that people know about the procedure but chose not to help. I think that people don't know, it's a hustle for them to figure out so instead they do something that's more fun (not uncomfortable for them as blood banks can be the first time, or at least the idea of going is quite uncomfortable).

The idea of having travelling busses that are equipped with the necessary tools for somebody to give blood, is really good: you go where the people are, which limit the reasons why not to go.


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