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The Mindset Change

An interview with colleagues to understand reasons for low bone marrow donor registry.

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Today i caught with some of my colleagues trying to understand what they thought about Bone marrow donation. Here some top points (questions/Comments):

1) Why donate bone marrow? What are the side effects? Health Issues?

2) Has anyone we know donated?

3) Are needles used?

4) If the procedure involves needles, are they safe and sterilized? Unsafe needles may lead to transmission of HIV/AIDS.

5) Are the swabs clean and hygienic?

6) Are we obliged to donate if we register?

7) Is registration free of cost?

7) How many times are we supposed to donate if we are registered?

8) Will donate only in critical dire needs ,in case it is someone known.

9)Surgery? Lot of Hassles.

10) Don't know where to register.

11) MDRI website link not available.Is it reliable.(marrow donor registry india)

I think some points are addressed by inspiration posts on this website but some are still open issues.

We could use this as a whitespace to build further thoughts.


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