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Swabbing my cheek

On Monday I signed up to join the US bone marrow registry. On Wednesday I received my kit, swabbed my cheek, sent back my cheek swabs and am now waiting for confirmation of being registered. Here's my experience.

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Swabbing your cheek is actually the easiest part in the process. Applying for the cheek swab kit was a lot more confusing, but still pretty straightforward. The site makes a really compelling case for what you're doing, if you're not already clear on how your action might benefit someone someday. At first it's kind of confusing as to why they need to know various medical details about you, but when you think about it makes sense.

The kit arrived two days after ordering it, which was impressive. It was also tiny - I imagined a big parcel, but it was just a little envelope that looked like the rest of my mail.

You have to swab all parts of your mouth with each swabber. No idea why this is, but it made me wonder. The process is almost so easy that it made me think i'd forgotten to do something - like write my name on it, but I guess the barcode takes care of identification and also keeps your DNA safe.

If you're interested in ordering a kit (so easy) click here =


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This is excellent. My boyfriend did a similar 'swab test' ten years ago to receive info on his genealogy with the National Geographic project

It is simple, interesting and benefits others.

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