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Sperm, Plasma, and Medical Experiments

people do crazy (or maybe not so crazy) things for money

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In college, I had two friends (one art school student and one actor) who would subject themselves to mysterious and sometimes painful medical experiments for money. They joined these research centers and would be called to participate if they qualified. Even though these experiments were gruesome (in my opinion) sometimes, they would do it for the financial incentive. People also donate sperm or plasma for money.

There's a segment of people that participate in these medical experiments and donate sperm or plasma. If there were bone marrow banks, like there are sperm banks or plasma donation centers, I'm sure these people would register to be a part. They are also the kind of people who would follow through (for the money, of course).

(Also building on Wiliam's inspiration of "Regulated system of living kidney sales" /open/how-might-we-increase-the-number-of-bone-marrow-donors-to-help-save-more-lives/inspiration/regulated-system-of-living-kidney-sales, but somehow can't bookmark it...)


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