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Sabido Methodology: Inspiring Dramas

The Sabido Method is a methodology for designing and producing serialized dramas on radio and television that can win over audiences while imparting prosocial values.

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By creating plots and characters to which people can relate, the Population Media Center has successfully launched a series of radio and television dramas across several countries. These broadcasts garner a large & faithful following while at the same time educating on issues of sex, abortion, family planning, and AIDs. They do this through the growth and development of characters with whom the audience forms a relationship through the progression of the series. Could a similar type of show with a prosocial message be successful in encouraging bone marrow donation?


During the decade 1977 to 1986, when these Mexican soap operas were on the air, the country experienced a 34% decline in its population growth rate. As a result, in May 1986, the United Nations Population Prize was presented to Mexico as the foremost population success story in the world.

Thomas Donnelly, then with USAID in Mexico, wrote,

    “Throughout Mexico, wherever one travels, when people are asked where they heard about family planning, or what made them decide to practice family planning, the response is universally attributed to one of the soap operas that Televisa has done. …The Televisa family planning soap operas have made the single most powerful contribution to the Mexican population success story.”

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