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Make It Exclusive: Gmail Launch

When Google first launched Gmail, it was by invitation only. This created a certain type of buzz and exclusivity that made people want it that much more. The fact that you could invite your friends made it viral.

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Would people have a greater desire to be part of the bone marrow registry if the invitation to join had to come from a friend? This gives people the opportunity to craft a personal message to their friends which has a higher chance of convincing them to the part of the movement. Making it feel exclusive also makes it that much more coveted.

When Gmail first launched, the invitation system rewarded those who were already members by allowing them to invite more friends based on the number of people they had invited already. The chance to invite more people was viewed as a reward so it helped to further the spread of the service. The fact that you couldn't sign up for an account without having someone else invite you made the service personal and that much more desired.

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And interestingly Facebook leveraged the same exclusivity theme when they launched.