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Get your (Donor) Group-On

Groupon allows for the actions of a group to create a reason to acquire a product or service. What if this idea was applied to donor growth?

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By delaying action until enough people come together to have a real impact, Groupon helps consumers, employees, citizens, activists, parents — or anyone — come together and solve problems that they couldn't solve alone. And the bonus is, I get something for a lower cost that I might actually want or enjoy.

This concept became relevant to me from a donor perspective when I received news of a Groupon offer to help raise funds for an NGO that was supporting efforts in Japan after the earthquake and tsunami hit this week.

The ripple effect of this type of delayed gratification attached to one's purchasing power seems like an interesting idea when thinking about the way we activate people to act collectively on something like bone marrow testing. If I gain access to something by engaging the offer, could adding an alternate action help me get over the hurdle of testing for something like a bone marrow match? Could the offer allow me to connect with others who I'm matched with?

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This reminds me of challenges of the following design: "if we can raise X dollars then a private donor with match that donation with X of her own dollars."

Perhaps if we could get X new donors, then someone would donate the money to provide all the services required to do all the medical work required to register those X donors.