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Get Bone Marrow from Donors getting Hip/Knee/Sholder Replacement

Could Bone Marrow be obtained from people have bones being replaced?

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There are hundreds of thousands of Total Hip, Knee and Sholder Replacements made every year. Does this provide a souce of bone marrow when the replacement parts are inserted into the marrow ?


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Thank you for your comment. Some of my confusion deals with how the registry is typically used. I was thinking that there were recipients waiting for a donor, but the general case is probably donors waiting for a recipient. Perhaps that is a misconception I have formed from hearing about drives to help particular individuals whoses ethnic background is poorly represented in the registry.

My reason for submitting this is to address some of the issues listed here:
Some of these barriers seem irrelevant, given they will have joint replacement surgery.

My biggest concern was there was some medical reason that the replacement surgery process would make your donation at that time (or in the future) useless. Blood donations have a long litany of deferment issues. Are there similar ones for these stem cells?

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