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Find the places where people have time

By finding places where people have the time to be introduced to new things, people will be educated, more interested in helping and spreading the word around.

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People are often genuine intrested in helping people, but rarely consider themselves to have time for something new. To find the places where people have the time to get introduced to something new, eg information about donation (how to do it, how many we could save in a total effort and so on), would generate a more educated population. A more educated population would help spreading the word around and make people more aware of the differences they can make.

Example: metor newspaper: the tube/metro/underground use to be just a means to an end but with the newspaper Metro People got educated while "waiting" for something else. The newaper is free and is profitable due to advertisment in the paper.


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Often well-intentioned actions like these go wrong as we exaggerate the rational aspects of people´s behavior. To simplify: we are more driven by other people´s behavior and convenience than we are by going through pros and cons.

Just as an example: no one has actually never asked me to take the sample. The essential thing is giving the information together with the opportunity to act.

How long does taking the sample actually take? Not long, I presum. Therefore the emphasis needs to be put on analysing where people would have the moment to give the sample but also have the possibility for a more elaborate discussion taking away the worries.
Good interventions I can think of:
- airports and train stations
- personnel restaurants'
- NGOs
- parents watching basketball games or ballet classes of their kids
- theatres and orchestras

And essential thing is also giving people the story to take home. I mean showing the effect donation can have on someone´s life. This can be through a video but even better from a real person. I mean the best thing would be that a story of the impact would be told around the dinner table and the person telling it would also have the information on possibilities for the others to donate.

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