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Before you were sleeping - Brush and Swab

After brushing your teeth - swab your cheek !

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If in a recent advertising campaign Kleenex (see below) was able to send 1 million packages of tissues using social networks - so why can't we ?

1. A toothpaste brand will add to every toothpaste package a cheek swab kit for a limited period.
2. The bar code of the toothpaste package will be unique and will tell the story of a real donor - people will be able to scan the bar code with a mobile app and see a video or a text on You Tube or Facebook.
3. The cheek swab kits should be a bit more user friendly: less bar code, clear friendly instructions.
4. People who bought the toothpaste will be able to send additional toothpaste and a cheek swab kit for free to their friends on Facebook. A map of toothpaste packages can be updated on a real-time basis.

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