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Youtube Interactive: Walk through the Process

A simple concept incorporated into a wider promotional / awareness campaign might include a "choose your adventure" type Youtube video that is interactive. Yes, Youtube has interactive elements like hyperlinks to other videos within the video itself (for example: check the basics of how it works in the attached video). You could create short clips of the process from various perspectives: (a) the potential donor and (b) the recipient -- both branching out to different scenarios.

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In the interactive video, "choose-your-own-adventure" type setup, the camera view is of the potential donor (so all interaction is seen through that perspective). The viewer consults with different people, has to make choices, from swabbing, posting, going to clinic, talking to doctor, selecting 1 of 2 ways of donating, meeting the recipient of the donation, and the follow up afterward. A start to finish that lifts all mystery behind the process, injections the human element, and provides a model for how to carry it out (lots on this kind of pre-mapping from literature on behavioral economics and choice bias). You could have children or adults, etc., as "characters" to go through the video adventure.

ALSO, you can have a whole different scenario from the view point of the potential recipient--including what happens when no donor match is found.

Some narration would be included to help the viewer understand what's going on. It's just an engaging way to empathize with both recipients and donors, and tell a story to give it a human dimension. You could use real actors or animation (although real actors would provide a more relatable connection).

IMPORTANT: At the end of the video, a direct link to the bone marrow donor registration page, as well as links to post on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Thanks to those who commented and built this idea up (see below)!

Which barrier(s) does your concept address?

  • Fear
  • Misunderstanding
  • Time
  • Feeling rushed
  • Cultural beliefs

Which step(s) of the journey does your concept apply to?

  • Awareness
  • Registration
  • Spread the word

Evaluation results

8 evaluations so far

1. How easy is this concept to implement?

I could start right now. - 55.6%

This might take a bit of planning and probably some help from several partners. - 44.4%

This is a big undertaking and I'd need a lot of help from friends, organizations and other groups to make it happen. - 0%

2. Will this concept successfully reach and encourage under-represented populations (including South Asians) to join the bone marrow registry?

Yes, this concept will resonate with diverse groups of people from all over the world. - 55.6%

No, this concept might not reach under-represented populations very well. - 11.1%

I'm not sure, but I hope so! - 33.3%

3. How well does this concept dispel myths, ease fears, or provide education about bone marrow registration and donation?

Really well -- I already feel like I have a better understanding of the process and why it's important. - 77.8%

Okay, though it'll still take some explaining to get people to understand how bone marrow registration and donation work. - 22.2%

Not very well -- we'd have to create a highly detailed plan around this concept to help people understand. - 0%

4. How scalable is this concept?

This concept is highly scalable and could easily impact people all over the world. - 77.8%

This concept is really best suited for small groups and local areas. - 22.2%

This concept could be scaled, but we'd have to refine it for different settings. - 0%


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Thanks for this Sina. I've used your concept to build on my previous concept.

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I saw... and really like it!

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