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Tap into the Influence of Spiritual Leaders

We all know donating bone marrows saves lives, simple as that. No spiritual leaders and faith organizations can deny the importance of a great cause such as saving lives. How can we provide the right resources to spiritual leaders and faith organizations who often have great influence over their congregation, so they can can effectively partner with bone marrow agencies to increase the bone marrow registries?

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Our pastor has just started a prayer movement in New York City, to call for all believers to meet with each other, two, three, or more every Wednesday for an hour to pray for the city. It started in our 5 neighborhood churches, and then more churches joined in. Thousands of people now meet at different places throughout the city every Wednesday to pray.

What if we ask pastors, rabbis and spiritual leaders of all kinds to start a movement in their circles to call for people to sign up for bone marrow registry and make a commitment to save lives? Diverse population can be reached through various religion/culture organizations.

For example, As Christians, we have Sunday service every week. Pastors can call their congregation to join the bone marrow registries during sermon time (Step 1), followed by having physical stations available after the service for people to get information, and also swap a cheek if they are ready (Step 2). We can continue to raise awareness by adding an item - "more info on Bone Marrow Registration" in the regular Connection Card used to connect new comers (Step 3), and publish information / links on the church website where people can find more information and get connected to the bone marrow agency and register (Step 4).

The slide attached illustrate the suggested approach. Also, I have included maps of church distribution in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Detroit. If every church on the map get involved in this moment, imagine how great the impact could be!

P.S: I have emailed my pastor recently and he is up for it! What we need to do is to plan it out and find the best way to implement it. Depending on the timing, hopefully there will be opportunities to report back the results!

Which barrier(s) does your concept address?

  • Fear
  • Misunderstanding
  • Time
  • Feeling rushed
  • Cultural beliefs

Which step(s) of the journey does your concept apply to?

  • Awareness
  • Registration
  • Donation
  • Spread the word

Evaluation results

9 evaluations so far

1. How easy is this concept to implement?

I could start right now. - 44.4%

This might take a bit of planning and probably some help from several partners. - 55.6%

This is a big undertaking and I'd need a lot of help from friends, organizations and other groups to make it happen. - 0%

2. Will this concept successfully reach and encourage under-represented populations (including South Asians) to join the bone marrow registry?

Yes, this concept will resonate with diverse groups of people from all over the world. - 88.9%

No, this concept might not reach under-represented populations very well. - 11.1%

I'm not sure, but I hope so! - 0%

3. How well does this concept dispel myths, ease fears, or provide education about bone marrow registration and donation?

Really well -- I already feel like I have a better understanding of the process and why it's important. - 33.3%

Okay, though it'll still take some explaining to get people to understand how bone marrow registration and donation work. - 66.7%

Not very well -- we'd have to create a highly detailed plan around this concept to help people understand. - 0%

4. How scalable is this concept?

This concept is highly scalable and could easily impact people all over the world. - 33.3%

This concept is really best suited for small groups and local areas. - 44.4%

This concept could be scaled, but we'd have to refine it for different settings. - 22.2%


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Great thinking Chloe! There will always, in every religion, be fundamentalistic extremists that find this ungodly, but I think most will find this a very valuable concept. And it plays very well to the community role spiritual leaders fulfill. I myself might not be a religious person, but I greatly value spiritual leaders that take responsibility for their flocks. And I love that you not only put this concept up on this platform, but also put it into practice by going to your pastor with it. Applause and respect!

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Arjan, thank you! And congrats to your great concept too on Be The International Match!

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