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Cricket Star ads to encourage South Asian donors

South Asians have a particularly difficult time finding a match with low numbers of registered donors. But they are crazy about cricket in South Asia (India, Paklstan and Srilanka.) Cricket star based ads sell here. Let's spread awareness and motivate with cricket stars like Sachin Tendulkar.

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India has just won the world cup cricket of 2011, and cricket fever has reached a new high. In general, in India, Pakistan and Srilanka, cricket star based advertising campaigns sell very well. Cricket stars promoting "stem cell donation" would make a great targeted message for South Asians.

South Asians face an especially severe lack of registered donors, as seen in this news story.

Imagine this ad airing in Indian televisions: Cricket star Yuvraj Singh demonstrates swabbing a cheek at home and says "Join me in registering" Cricket star Dhoni in hospital (hooked up to the machine) demonstrates PBSC donation and says "It is similar to donating blood. Join me in donating" Cricket star Sachin Tendulkar, post surgery, says "Join me in bone marrow donation."

- Awareness in South Asian communities through targeted ads
- Dispelling myths
- Demonstrating how easy it is to register
- Star power motivates people to register at the very least, and donate.

Update 1:
This idea is extensible to other regions, because every region has its list of favorite influencers. An influential person demonstrating the registration and donation processes will gain attention, eradicate myths, and inspire action. As an example, there is Oprah in USA. (Oprah has an angel network for social causes:

Update 2:

I realize that cricket may not be well known in the North American region. Please watch this video, to see what cricket means in India and the other South Asian countries.

These men are the heroes of India.

Which barrier(s) does your concept address?

  • Fear
  • Misunderstanding
  • Time

Which step(s) of the journey does your concept apply to?

  • Awareness
  • Registration
  • Donation
  • Spread the word

Evaluation results

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1. How easy is this concept to implement?

I could start right now. - 11.1%

This might take a bit of planning and probably some help from several partners. - 55.6%

This is a big undertaking and I'd need a lot of help from friends, organizations and other groups to make it happen. - 33.3%

2. Will this concept successfully reach and encourage under-represented populations (including South Asians) to join the bone marrow registry?

Yes, this concept will resonate with diverse groups of people from all over the world. - 77.8%

No, this concept might not reach under-represented populations very well. - 11.1%

I'm not sure, but I hope so! - 11.1%

3. How well does this concept dispel myths, ease fears, or provide education about bone marrow registration and donation?

Really well -- I already feel like I have a better understanding of the process and why it's important. - 33.3%

Okay, though it'll still take some explaining to get people to understand how bone marrow registration and donation work. - 44.4%

Not very well -- we'd have to create a highly detailed plan around this concept to help people understand. - 22.2%

4. How scalable is this concept?

This concept is highly scalable and could easily impact people all over the world. - 55.6%

This concept is really best suited for small groups and local areas. - 11.1%

This concept could be scaled, but we'd have to refine it for different settings. - 33.3%


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Witnessing the euphoria on the streets, in the newspapers, in conversations with people, on the TV, after India won the world cup, I belive if people like Yuvraj, Dhoni and Sachin appear in a bone marrow donation campaign, this will result in a tremendous wave of awareness and registration amongst Indians. Great concept! *applaud*

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