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Utilizing the power of student clubs

What if we reached out to diverse student clubs, especially South-Asian associations, on campuses throughout the country to help increase the number of registered donors?

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This thought crossed my mind while I was meeting with a student club over the weekend. Such clubs generally have many members and are pretty tightly knit.

Holding a bone marrow information and donation drive during one of the club events could certainly help increase the registry. For example, a South-Asian club could hold a large event for Diwali, which is a big festival in India. This event would attract many Indian and other students, wearing the best clothes and in a great mood to enjoy the festivities. There is also a spirit of giving.

This could be a great opportunity to narrate a real-life story about leukemia and the importance of bone marrow as a potential cure; educate the crowd about the process and statistics; and finally, get many of them to actually register at the event itself.

This could be a good way to connect with the crowds emotionally, and persuade them to make a difference.

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Which barrier(s) does your concept address?

  • Fear
  • Misunderstanding
  • Time
  • Cultural beliefs

Which step(s) of the journey does your concept apply to?

  • Awareness
  • Registration
  • Donation


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