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Tributes & Toasts

Be the Match can host Tributes & Toasts around the country, where they honor recent donors and invite them to share their story with the event attendees (ie the honorees' friends and family).

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You're more likely to try something scary if your friend does it first, right? Herein lies the inspiration for Tributes & Toasts ...

Each Tributes & Toasts honoree is given 20 invitations to the event for his/her friends and family; donors' social networks will come to the event out of support for their efforts.

At the event, Be the Match can invite donors to describe their journeys upon receiving their “award”; friends and family who may not have been familiar with the details of the process will now hear first-hand how relatively simple the procedure was.

Misconceptions of pain levels, time commitments, and opportunities to change one’s mind can all be cleared up through the unsolicited storytelling – from the attendees’ trusted friends.

And of course, after the tributes and during the mix n’ mingle, attendees can swing by the “Swab Station” to learn more information and register themselves!

Which barrier(s) does your concept address?

  • Fear
  • Misunderstanding
  • Feeling rushed

Which step(s) of the journey does your concept apply to?

  • Awareness
  • Registration
  • Spread the word


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It might be a nice idea to also invite the patients who benefit from the donation. If people can see the effect of their donation they might be easier to convince?

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Great idea, Vincent! Honorees could be given a link to a video of their "acceptance speech" where they describe their donation journey. Once honorees post the link on facebook/twitter and email it to extended friends and family ... we've reached that many more potential donors!

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Wow Marney...another great concept! Perhaps these Tribute & Toast events could be recorded (or even livestreamed) to share online with others who couldn't make the event, or even to spread awareness among the general public (with the participants consent).