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Lisa Simpson promotes bone marrow donation

Lisa Simpson of The Simpsons tv show is an excellent story teller. Possibly a little extreme at times, her 'recycling' episode was so engaging and got the environmental message across in such a funny way.

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If Lisa Simpson can do such a great job at promoting recycling and revealing what the knock on effects can be, why can't she promote bone marrow donation and spread the message in a way that viewers can relate to?

(I can't find the episode on the internet anywhere which is frustrating - does anyone know a link for it??)

It is hard to find out how many people watch The Simpsons (I daren't take figures from Wikapedia!) but it is popular all over the world. I love the innovative storytelling. It wouldn't be seen as an odd subject as The Simpsons cover everything and Lisa is always out to get a good message across to viewers.

The light hearted storytelling approach would be a good way to encourage more people to sign up and support the campaign.

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