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If you're at the Dentist with your mouth open anyways…

Millions of people in the developed world visit the dentist every year. Let's work with dental associations to make offering a cheek swab a standard part of a dental check-up, just like an x-ray or mouthwash.

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According to some numbers over half of the US goes to the dentist each year [1], far more than register as a bone marrow donor. Once they are already in the chair, it would be a matter of a few seconds for the dentist to ask if they would like to enter the registry and perform the swab. If the patient needs more information, they already have someone they trust right there to share more information. When the patient goes to the desk to make another appointment on the way out, the office administrator can handle submitting the patients swab and information, and get their signature if necessary.

This solution makes entering the registry as easy as possible for the end user: they don't handle obtaining the swab, performing the test, or sending it back in. It also leverages the thousands of dentists and their offices already around the US, and the associations that connect them, minimizing operations overhead and complexity. To distribute the swabs, we can tie in with distributors that dentists already use to purchase other materials. Furthermore, people are already to learning about medical information from their dentist. This is the perfect time to disseminate information about the bone marrow registry and its uses.

Over time this will come to be a standard part of a dental checkup, and people will know that joining the registry is something you do, just like getting your teeth cleaned.

[1], better fact checking needed

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