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Donate with smile

Our application is targeting a user group which is busy with their everyday life. Relating to the personal experience and everyday life of a end bone marrow patient or a registered bone marrow donor who might have donated bone marrow can help these potential donors convert to a donor.

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Target user group:

People find themselves busy. A mobile application can which helps them to connect to patients or existing bone marrow donors can give these busy users a time efficient and personal experience, thus making them think about bone marrow donation and potentially donating.

Why mobile app?

Mobile phones are acceptable in developing and developed economies. The outreach related to mobile phones has been highly successful as illustrated in the links below.

Look at some examples of mobile platforms being used in developing economies to help famers.,TCS,India&articleid=2246&typ=Features

What does donate with smile mobile app does to persuade busy users?
1. A cartoon character interacts with you from the very first time you download this application.
2. The cartoon character could be a existing donor or a patient( depending on what the user want to learn about).
3. Upon selection of patient, it asks some questions which are related to the personal lives of this potential donor. As the user progresses through the application they are given answers to these questions in relation to the answers a bone marrow patient would give. This cartoon thus helps the user to gain more information about the bone marrow patients as they are inquisitive about the next question the cartoon has for them. For an example please see the figures above.
4. However if the user decides to learn about the existing donor, the cartoon character helps the user to get answers which to some commonly perceived misconceptions or a set of pre determined general questions which a user might have affecting their decision for bone marrow donation registration. For an example please see the figures above.
5. Once the user has finished the existing donor or patient questions and answers they are shown a potential match ( existing donor or/and patient). There is a short description about these matches which can help the users to further associate with their personal lives and thus feel the connection.
6. This application would have the option of donate which would help users to get connected to most commonly available online donation agencies, like bone marrow foundation for registration and thus increasing the registration count.
7. Through means of social media the user can opt to spread the word on social networking sites like twitter/Facebook. This could be achieved by the user either changing their own profile picture along with a status update on their profile.

Future steps:
1. Finalizing the graphics.
2. Considering ethical concerns around matching patients and donors.
3. Making this work for more than one mobile platform.
4. Finalizing the wording/terminology in a way that it is very clear to the end users in terms of the personal connection being established.

Which barrier(s) does your concept address?

  • Fear

Which step(s) of the journey does your concept apply to?

  • Awareness

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