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Corporate Swabbing

All big corporations spend time and money on CSR – be it blood drives, coat drives, or volunteering programs. Why not add bone marrow to the list?

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By making bone marrow registration a corporate program, we can take out the often-prohibitive cost of registering. Most companies have money said aside for CSR and other good will programs, which can be used for this. Further, by partnering with big corporations, we'll be able to reach, educate, and register a large amount of people in one push.

Which barrier(s) does your concept address?

  • Misunderstanding
  • Time
  • Feeling rushed
  • Cultural beliefs

Which step(s) of the journey does your concept apply to?

  • Awareness
  • Registration
  • Donation
  • Spread the word


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I think corporate sponsorship is a great idea. My boyfriend's office sponsored a fundraiser last year to get employees to sign up as donors. In this case it was to find a match for my boyfriend who was diagnosed with ALL, I think attaching a face and a story to the cause makes it more retable to people making them more likely to sign up.

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