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Animation. A learning tool.

People can get in touch with the needs and difficulties in a ludic way. Animation movies (Pixar is the benchmark or could be the producer) can communicate without being boring, educate without being paternalist. I think the developing of a character who has this health problem could make people be interested in the issue.

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• Develop a story or study a real story to create an animation movie.

• This movie should be considered a learning tool for schools and hospitals.

• The website of the movie can connect people - donators and donate. So the platform will be a Happiness website for bringing solution to the issue.

Which barrier(s) does your concept address?

  • Time

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Agreed with Louise Wilson, the way he or she defined the animation work was not an easy task to perform. To make a cartoon or making any motion graphic video is quite difficult as we think. As a video animator from animation production company, I know how difficult it is. That’s a reason I am here and appreciate this work.

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Love this idea - making a connection through a cartoon is great.

On a real tangent (but hope you see the value!), it reminds me of the 'Habbit' character you can make of yourself to see how much carbon you use. It creates a disfigured character of yourself related to your energy use habits.

could the character/animation play on certains areas that people don't necessarily associate with bone marrow issues?

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I enjoy this idea a lot too! I had also thought that an animation would be a good way to put a friendly face on the actual, physical process of donation. Creating a pleasant animation with a silly character (getting blood drawn, getting an injection) might be
easier to take than reading about it or seeing images of a real human.

Also, I would suggest that even though a cute animation connects with kids, it's likely to be appealing to many adults as well. (think Finding Nemo)

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What a nice way to make the topic of bone marrow donation a little less scary, especially for kids! Makes me think a bit about Fernanda's post re: teaching kids at an early age Maybe there's a way to connect the two of these to create a concept around using animation to engage school children?