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Humane PC - an offline Wikipedia

The Humane Reader is a $20 8-bit computer that contains an offline version of Wikipedia, and displays on a TV.

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"The Humane Reader is a low-cost device which can bring a five thousand book library into a home or school which has no other access to internet content. The Reader can be produced in quantity for approximately $20 per unit, and uses any existing television set as a display device for Wikipedia or other content. It is available to NGOs, educators, non-profits or other aid agencies."


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This idea looks interesting. Few things to consider,
1. Most villages do not have access to electricity. So this device needs to be paired with low-cost display and manually or hand-powered.
2. Re-cycled TV sets are provided to villages. These can double up for community news/entertainment.

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While this is an interesting artifact, it assumes that classrooms can have TVs. Many classrooms are not at all what you could consider classrooms, they may not have walls or a roof or chairs at all.

Another thing about this device is that it assumes that learning is passive, whereas if the past 10 years have told us anything (ironically with Wikipedia as an example), it is multidirectional. The learner can become a content generator too.