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Stainless Steel Alphabet Cups

Dual purpose cups + learning aids. Supplemented with a fan-deck booklet which encourages a wide range of activities – which aim to enhance lessons by promoting experiential and creative learning over rote.

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Drawing heavily on the colourful inspiration of alphabet paper cups we were shown earlier, I was keen to suggest a concept which was more durable and less disposable, with suggested avenues for extending educational use.

A set of stainless steel cups is proposed which are boldly marked with one letter from the alphabet each. Stainless steel cups and crockery are common in India and can easily be cleaned and stacked.

Suggested activities in the fan-deck booklet could include: a) Distribute one cup to each student. Divide class in half and conduct a scrabble like game (with further details provided) b) Again distribute cups and teach prefixes + suffixes with students actually standing up with their cups and forming words with selected combinations such as br-, sl-, th- or -ed, -tion . c) Have children sit in circle and give them one letter cup. They pass it round and each call out a word that starts with that letter. If they can't think of a word they are out. Winner is last one left. (Many more possibilities for activities. Feel free to suggest others)

The cups could also be used for drinking at lunchtimes. The fan-deck would include encouragement for teachers to supervise students while they wash their cups before use for drinking – reinforcing positive sanitation habits.

The product could be sponsored for APS with the sponsoring company's logo to appear on the bottom of the cup. All kinds of businesses might be keen on this. eg. Galli Galli Sim Sim which we discussed earlier: (the Indian version of Sesame Street)

Could also be good if there was an initiative in place to motivate teachers to be creative with the use of the cups in the classroom. Perhaps they could be encouraged to submit their own activity ideas (by post or mail) and if it is deemed a winning idea their school would get an additional cup set or some other prize. Even better if there was an incentive that recognised the school + teacher. eg. If Galli Galli Simi Sim was the sponsor the best suggestion could be demonstrated once a week on their TV show.

Who would implement this?

  • A big company
  • A globally-based social entrepreneur
  • NGOs and Foundations


Durability and dual-use maximise investment. Plus see sponsorship suggestion above.

Distribution & Delivery

Via sponsor/NGO support? Also wondering if there is an existing network of APS that can be tapped to promote educational aids like this?


Fan-deck to encourage active adoption.

Local Need. Enterprising Schools has identified key areas of need for Affordable Private Schools. What local learning need(s) does this concept address?

  • English language learning (speaking, reading, writing)

Evaluation results

3 evaluations so far

1. What sort of potential do you think this concept has to be a sustainable business?

Very high potential - 0%

it's good but it needs a lot of work before going much further - 33.3%

it's got too many open questions right now to say either way - 66.7%

2. How well do you feel it meets the local needs enterprising schools has identified? (English language, Math, Libraries, Technology, Professional Development)

It fulfills really well on the need its chosen to serve - 0%

It will help, but other solutions might serve the needs better - 100%

It doesn’t really address any of the needs that Enterprising Schools identified. - 0%

3. How well does this concept meet the needs of extreme affordability?

Really well. There are likely ways we can make this concept low cost. - 0%

Fairly well. It has good potential for an affordable cost, but more work would need to be done here. - 100%

Unsure. I can't yet see the ways it could be made to be low cost, but maybe it's possible. - 0%

Doubtful. I just don't believe this can be made low cost. - 0%


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Sandy... you got me laughing out loud about the drinking games!

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