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Harness the Power of Educators Worldwide!

If crowd sourcing can be used to build a massive Wikipedia, solve math problems, write code for a free operating system, search for extraterrestrial life, etc., why not use it to build an educational system from the ground up?

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Many teachers can find themselves frustrated by the educational curriculum that their government mandates they use to teach. Why not let them express their educational ideas and passion for teaching by contributing to the construction of an entirely new system? 'Open Source School' would be a platform for teachers and experts to contribute and write an entire curriculum for children from nursery school through high school. They could collectively construct year to year course abstracts and lesson outlines, building on each other's work. Educators could also collaborate on writing textbooks for each course to follow the outline structure. All of the collectively authored material for 'Open Source Schools' would then be made available for free, either as downloadable PDF files, a series of websites that can be accessed over the length of the course or paperback books that could be printed locally. Developing world educational systems could then utilize the entire scope of it without being financially burdened with the price tag. 'Open Source School' would also benefit from being continually tested, adjusted and updated by the teachers that continue to update and monitor the material.

Who would implement this?

  • A local entrepreneur or small organization
  • NGOs and Foundations


By utilizing the expertise of teachers worldwide that want to help those less fortunate than they, up-to-date educational materials co-authored by the 'Open Source School' community will be free to access by developing world educational systems.

Distribution & Delivery

Downloadable PDFs that can be viewed on a computer or printed locally and recycled at the end of the course. Or accessed via a website that can be used throughout the course to walk teachers and students through the material on a daily basis.


It's free price tag compared to the expense of other educational materials would generate its own public visibility.

Local Need. Enterprising Schools has identified key areas of need for Affordable Private Schools. What local learning need(s) does this concept address?

  • English language learning (speaking, reading, writing)
  • Math learning
  • Libraries
  • Tech literacy
  • Professional development


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I had a very similiar idea on this several years ago. I would love to see this carried out.

There is several groups doing this for higher edcation:

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