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Building Imagination

Recycled materials can be used as learning tools for kids.

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"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." - Pablo Picasso.

If we can provide children with basic learning tools by means of recycled materials or scrap product we can help nurture their creativity and teach them essential concepts. They will be able to visually express their ideas as well as translate basic math skills through the use of physical objects that would otherwise go to waste.

Who would implement this?

  • A big company
  • A local entrepreneur or small organization


These recycled or scrap materials would otherwise go to waste.

Distribution & Delivery

It already is used in some (as shown in the photo with leftover bits of wood)


It could be advertised in stores such as hardware, craft and other retailers. It would infor, consumers how their leftover project materials can be donated to kids in need and serve as basic learning tools that help develop their creative minds.

Local Need. Enterprising Schools has identified key areas of need for Affordable Private Schools. What local learning need(s) does this concept address?

  • Math learning
  • Professional development
  • Other


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Thanks Faris. Great work Meena. And Richard, wow. Very true. I completely agree.
May our dreams (and our minds) never cease to grow.

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