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Enterprising Schools, an initiative of Gray Matters Capital Foundation, is sponsoring this challenge, focused on increasing the access of low-cost and appropriate learning tools for affordable private schools in India and worldwide. The submissions will contribute to the development of a catalogue of existing tools and would provide inspirational concepts to entrepreneurs who will be encouraged to take them forward and build businesses to provide affordable private schools with much-needed tools and materials. The purpose of this engagement is to provide access to quality learning tools and materials to affordable private schools first in India, and secondarily, worldwide.

What’s the price of an education? It’s estimated that 100 million students in the developing world are attending extremely low–cost private schools where they pay less than $10 a month in school fees. That’s a significant sum for many families. Still, parents choose to spend it, with the hope — and the belief — that education is the path out of poverty. Independently owned and operated, these Affordable Private Schools (APS) are typically run by local social entrepreneurs who recognize the need and demand for private education services for underserved communities. The schools have little access to the resources that most of us take for granted — things like curricular materials, books, computers, play equipment, and teacher training. There’s an opportunity to create a market for extremely affordable tools that would help these schools improve learning and ultimately poverty in these regions. With this challenge, we’re hoping to gather creative thinkers who can help spark a whole new sector — one that could change the quality of teaching and learning around the world. The needs are diverse – everything from curricular tools such as software and teacher guides, to the basics of writing tools, to services that support the ongoing development of teachers. Even the physical infrastructure – things like chalkboards, furniture, and multimedia equipment – are often in need of low-cost alternatives. By asking the question, How might we increase the availability of affordable tools and services to drive more effective learning for children in the developing world?, we’re hoping to: 1. identify low-cost and effective tools and figure out how to encourage better access to them 2. develop concepts for new affordable tools, materials, and programs to serve the unique needs of this market For more information on Affordable Private Schools, please visit: This challenge is sponsored by Enterprising Schools, an initiative of Gray Matters Capital Foundation. Enterprising Schools is redefining the affordable private school market by raising awareness and building partnerships across the sector. Our global community is dedicated to transforming the market by increasing school performance.

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The affordability of learning can be assisted by using Learning Management Systems that deliver updated educational content to the schools in the remote areas at low costs. It saves the costs associated with the traditional method of classroom education. Schools and colleges have started using Learning Management Systems to stay safe from COVID-19. Also, IT companies worldwide are working hard to develop e-learning software tools to help educate students of all ages. For more information, you can visit the link below.

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