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The $300 House

I came across a blog about an experiment designing a 300$ home for the poorest. I think the issue is to "design with" those who will live in such a house and not "design for them". After I read the article, I could not answer the question

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" Who would want to live there?"

The 5 building principles of the 300$ home:
- Livable Housing: replace these unsafe structures with a mass-produced, standard, affordable, and sustainable solution
- Look and Feel: Furniture — sleeping hammocks and fold-down chairs would be built in. The roof would boast an inexpensive solar panel and battery to light the house and charge the mobile phone and tablet computer. An inexpensive water filter would be built in as well
- World Class Design
- The Reverse Innovation Pay-Off- Participating companies will reap two rewards. First, they will be able to serve the unserved, the 2.5 billion who make up the bottom of the pyramid. Second, they create new competencies which can help transform lives in rich countries by creating breakthrough innovations to solve several problems (scaled housing for hurricane victims, refugees, and even the armed forces).
- Affordability- Micro-finance must surely play a role in making the $300 House-for-the-Poor a viable and self-sustaining solution.

What do you think about this idea?
I believe there is potential to adjust this idea to the needs of the people in Caldas only after we find out what they actually need, how do they imagine their "perfect home"....

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While I think there are some compelling features of this project, I would like to point to a Times Op-Ed that rather well points out the $300 House's unintentional consequences. Not to say that we can't improve upon this idea here. Thanks for posting this, so that we may discuss and expand upon!

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