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Solar cookers

In India Chilli Breeze are harnessing the power of the sun to create solar cookers. As the price of fossil fuels continues to grow and the effects of scavenging for wood impact on people - it's time to look for alternative fuels.

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There are some great advantages to using solar cooker:

  • when handled with care, will last 15 years or more;
  • has no moving part in it to go wrong;
  • needs very little maintenance;
  • entails no running cost;
  • Highly versatile and easily transportable; and
  • is environment friendly.
  • The solar cooker can be used both in the rural and urban areas;
  • In the rural sector it saves village women from having to trudge for miles in search of scraps of firewood and spending their lifetime in smoke-filled kitchens;
  • In the urban sector it saves energy on kerosene and LPG and makes cooking easy.

There are problems with using these in small houses - as they need sun light (obviously). Therefore, could this be a business opportunity for people cooking communal areas?

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Ian, what are your knowledge and skills around solar chilling of stored food? I mean Zeer-pots and similar gadgets. I know these conventional types work best in hot and dry climate. But I have made some research, and it could perhaps be possible to modify to work even in humid rainforest mountain climate of Caldas, Colombia? that is, if my ideas and theories are correct.

It would improve storage and distribution of medicine and fresh vegetables and meat.

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my knowledge and skills of this subject area are ropey at best and statistically close to non-existent at worse. However, I'm now a Google-knowledge-based expert thanks to you!

I think that this is great and really complements the inspiration - solar powered social, drink and be healthy!

Any thoughts on how we could improve it? and turn it into a real concept with legs??

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There is a possibility to write on a jointly/shared text-file online with And of course also that one person starts off a concept here, and then continues to refine the content from all input in the discussions that can take place in the comment section (like this informal chat) I am open to include other volunteers aswell. I feel no direct "ownership" of the idea.

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i have been thinking a lot on how to try use this to "spill over" information/knowledge to richest nations. would it be clever to add on info about my article and similar like these :

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"Botijo" is probably a spanish name of these chillers that I am talking about. Google and read about its designs and how to use them.

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