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SOHITCOM-Social health and information technology for rural communities in Jordan

accesing medical information via SMS

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An interesting health initiative geared at the bedouin community in Jordan. It connects rural mothers with competent doctors via mobile phones in an effort to overcome literacy and other social barriers. The service was developed based on a number of insights:
  1. Women are discouraged from seeking information outside their direct family circle
  2. Men control all external comunication, including with medical care givers (including information regarding vaccination dates for children etc.) - and don't do a good job at passsing on the info
  3. (almost) EVERYBODY has a cellphone-including women. 
  4. most also have internet acces

"Women in the countryside only get advice from mothers, neighbors, and friends. It's almost forbidden to get outside advice without permission from her husband. But every mother has a mobile. The number of mobiles in Jordan is double the population."

A major goal of the project was to Overcome social embarrassment associated with discussing certain sensitive health issues. Specific initiatives in this project focus on the promotion of maternal health care services for women and improving the access to clinical advice for women in rural and remote areas by exploiting ICT technologies.

The project offers virtuall access to medical expertise and knowledge via a web site and sms messaging. Any person can text a question to a doctor and recieve an answer via SMS. The question and the answer are then posted on to the web site and made available to the general public.  
Families use ICT to open communication channels and to gain medical support in any form. Families help others virtually by sharing their experience and information. Users have better understanding of privacy and trust issues when using online services. Clinics and parents has better tools to manage medical events.


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