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Slum Shop

One of the entries for the $300 House competition, the Slum Shop submission skillfully recognizes that it is resources and know-hows that people need, giving them the resources rather than actual design.

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The idea of a community platform for better building resources, could such practice incorporate components necessary for a more sanitary neighborhood and health facilities?


(image credits to tobyrkeeton)

Description from the competition contest by tobyrkeeton,
"SLUM_SHOP is not a home. Its a community operated resource for better living conditions. By better equipping slum dwellers, effective housing solutions can be realized using existing resources, such as the sample home included in this proposal.  While the methods, materials, and overall character of a home are important- equally important are the systems of delivery which are used to make this home a reality. Designing a home for the poor without addressing the question “How does it get there?” is much like developing the car before the road. Furthermore, these systems and the physical characteristics of the home must fully integrate in order to address the specific needs of the population which they serve. While commonalities amongst the urban poor exist, the best building solutions will speak to varying terrains, population densities, material resources, political & social realities, as well as threats from natural and man-made disasters. With these realities in mind, SLUM_SHOP Community Building Center was envisioned to better organize unique building efforts in impoverished areas. This community operated facility would provide better access to suitable building materials and equipment, as well as training and information regarding better building practices with available resources."


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