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Open up a luxury coffee niche

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is widely regarded as one of the best coffee types in the world. It certainly is the most expensive, apart from maybe Kopi Luwak. Maybe the climate of Caldas offers a similar opportunity?

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The mountains of Caldas, the climate and the local coffee production might hold a secret that makes the coffee beans special. And with this speciality, Caldas Coffee could be the next big thing. Imagine having it on menus of luxurious restaurants all over the world. And people paying top dollar/euro for a couple of beans to brew coffee from at home. Could this be possible in Caldas, in such a way that the whole community benefits?


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Coffee in Caldas could inspire many different avenues (including composting discarded husks from roasting and grounds from coffee-making). Let's explore the potential widely during the Inspiration phase before settling on concept ideas. Many opportunities here!

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