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Mothers as “Doctors”

No such a “doctor” as my mum

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As a mother I never need a thermometer to know the temperature of my son. A trained female population can become a valuable resource to provide simple health care and prevent serious consequences of most common diseases. The aim of this idea is to, through a small business model, improve the health care service in rural areas by creating a capillary system of knowledgeable mothers easily at hands where a doctor is not available.

1. Future health care provider (typically jobless mothers) will be offered a medical training focusing on most common diseases

2. A health care provider will be provided with basic medicaments, like disinfectant, bandages, anti-fever medicaments, condoms, contraceptive pills, and even penicillin as wide-range antibiotic. They will pay the medicaments they have sold and return the unused expired ones.

3. A health care provider will act as a first reference for most health issues in her community.

4. Each health care provider must provide at least one free-based training to another potential health provider per year.

5. Around these health care figures an educational program can be started for most critical issues such as teenage pregnancy, HIV, etc.

Ix-Chel, Center for Creativity


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